Main Hall

Full Day (12 hrs) . . . . . . . .$125.00 (includes use of tables and chairs)

Half Day (6 hrs) . . . . . . . . .$ 90.00 (includes use of tables and chairs)

4hrs…………………………$ 70.00 (includes use of tables and chairs)

2hrs…………………………$ 40.00 (includes use of tables and chairs)

Projector & Screen Rental. $ 30.00

Full Kitchen . . . . . . . . . ….$ 65.00 (stove, oven, dishwasher, tablecloths, pots, pans, dishes etc) 

Coffee Only . . . . . . . . . ….$ 25.00 (cups, coffee pots & urn, tea kettle & pots – no dishwasher) 

Damage Deposit . . . . . . . .$200.00 (to be returned within 10 days of the function – see below) 

Upstairs Meeting Room . . .$ 50.00 (flat rate) 

Tables and chairs are not to leave the Hall and are not rented out.

Lessee Responsibilities

Terms:  Rental fees of $_____________ to be paid upon confirmation of the rental.

The lessee will take full responsibility for the actions of all participants during the rental term. 

Payment of Damage Deposit does not relieve the lessee of responsibility for damages should they exceed the $200.00 fee. In addition to damage and breakage, the Damage Deposit will be 

retained in full or in part if the Hall and equipment and surrounding area and grounds are not left in the condition found at the time of rental (with the exception of floor washing which will be the responsibility of the lessor). 

The Lessee will execute the “Hold Harmless Agreement” which will form part of the lease. 

12374 Boswell Road 

Boswell B.C. V0B 1A0 



I/We [Print name(s)] ____________________________________________________________ 

(renter of the Hall – and individual responsible for the liquor license permit) 

Agree to hold harmless the Boswell Memorial Hall Society, its directors and officers, employees, agents and members from all liability that may arise from the serving and/or consumption of alcohol at the function to be held on the ___________ day of ____________________, 20____, at the Boswell Memorial Hall. 

I/We [Print name(s)] ___________________________________________________________ 

(individual responsible for the liquor license) 

Further agree to comply with the British Columbia Liquor Control and Licensing Act and that it 

is our responsibility to obtain the required liquor license. We also confirm that we are required to obtain Special Events Liability Insurance

Copies of the Liquor License and the Insurance Policy must be attached to this agreement. 

Signature of Renter ______________________________________ Date _________________

Signature of Liquor License Permit Holder ___________________________ Date __________

Signature of Director, Boswell Memorial Hall ____________________ Date________________

Print Name of Director _____________________________________ Date ________________