Beginning in 2015, Focus on Health has offered monthly workshops from September through May to promote the health and well-being of East Shore residents. Community members are invited to attend a planning session at the beginning of each year to suggest suitable topics for discussion.

Focus on Health is sponsored by the East Shore Kootenay Lake Community Health Society in partnership with Interior Health and the Selkirk College School of Nursing.

We meet on the last Monday of each month in Boswell Memorial Hall to prepare together and share a healthy soup-based lunch and to take part in a lively discussion on the health-related topic of the month. The educational session focusing on health promotion and illness prevention is led by Natasha Goldsbury, our Chronic Disease Management Nurse from Interior Health. Natasha is frequently accompanied by a guest presenter or local expert, and each year Selkirk College assigns two third-year Nursing students to attend the Focus on Health series and to participate in the presentations under Natasha’s supervision.

These sessions provide important social interaction and learning opportunities in our rural community and are typically filled with much conversation and laughter. Topics range from “Heart Health” to “The Health Benefits of Music and Dance” to a “Lively Discussions on End-of-Life Issues”!