The Boswell and District Farmers’ Institute is an all-volunteer community-based organization formed in 1919 and officially registered in 1921 as a society in the province of British Columbia. The work of the Institute is guided by a board of directors elected by the membership at an annual general meeting. The board does not hold regular meetings but we get together on an ad hoc basis. There are presently approximately one hundred members from Boswell and the East Shore.

The organization’s original mandate focused upon promoting the development of a thriving agricultural economy in the Boswell area. Over the years, with the decline in agriculture on the East Shore, the Farmers’ Institute became less concerned with farming and became more involved in improving the quality of life for the residents of Boswell and the East Shore. At present, we strive to fulfill our mandate through the operation and maintenance of three community venues: the Boswell boat launch, Mackie Park and the Boswell Cemetery.

The Boswell boat launch is one of the few public facilities on the East Shore providing access to Kootenay Lake to resident and visiting boaters. Recently, the breakwater protecting the launch area was completely rehabilitated to provide a safer and more durable site. We worked with the Boswell Historical Society to develop new informational signage. Mackie Park is a popular lakeside family recreation spot offering free parking, picnicking and swimming. There are sturdy picnic tables, a fire pit, a designated swimming area with a swim float and a public restroom. Use of the boat launch and Mackie Park is free to the public but donations help to maintain the sites. The Boswell Cemetery is respectfully maintained to offer a peaceful resting place for departed East Shore residents. Recent improvements include new signage, an alphabetized directory of gravesites and the addition of row markers.

The work of the Farmers’ Institute is not possible without the support of Boswell community volunteers, donations from individuals and groups and the grants received from government and other funding agencies. We thank all our supporters for their help and we look forward to working together in the future.

For more information contact Bob Arms (President): (250) 223-8058 or