Since 1980, a group of volunteers has provided first aid and emergency services to people in distress along the East Shore. There are times when an ambulance can take over an hour to reach their destination; during that time, the members of BADEV can provide care and comfort to patients. BADEV volunteers are trained in first aid, CPR and traffic control, allowing them to assist in situations before and during the attendance of paramedics and Fire & Rescue.

Each member of BADEV is equipped with a full array of first aid supplies including defibrillators and oxygen. Larger equipment such as backboards, basket stretchers and a snow sled to help in patient transfers are stored at Boswell Memorial Hall. BADEV also has a supply of home care products such as wheelchairs and crutches that can be borrowed at no charge by East Shore residents.

Since its inception, BADEV has had dozens of volunteers but our numbers are dwindling and we are always looking for more members. Training and equipment are supplied free to all members. Interested volunteers can contact any First Responder listed below.

BADEV welcomes and gladly accepts donations to help cover ongoing expenses. An annual and primary fundraiser is a corn roast and raffle at the Boswell Hall held on the Saturday evening of each Labour Day weekend.



Wayne Trieber 250-223-8686
Steve Latour 250-223-8687
Rod Stewart – 250-223-8089
Lisa Berry Vander Heide – 250-223-8337
John Purdy – 403-968-5812
Carmel Smetschka – 403-809-5715
Bobbi Bysouth – 604-868-8875
Peter Cullinane – 250-977-5264
Kathy Sommerfeld, Secretary-Treasurer – 250-223-8622
Gary Hill, President  – 250-223-8404

Rod Stewart training two volunteers to provide CPR